segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

Dear Host Family....

Ajudar é sempre bom né!

Sempre procuro nos blogs conteúdos que possam me ajudar, me esclarecer dúvidas, enfim, utilidades! E claro, conforme a gente vai passando pelo processo e vai aprendendo, sentimos (quer dizer: no meu caso, eu sinto) vontade de ajudar também!

Assim, segue aqui a carta que fiz para a host family:

"Hello host family! How are you? I hope well!

My name's Talita, I'm 22 years old and my birthday is in February 7. I live in a small town called Itanhaém, which is on the coast of the State of São Paulo. It is a very quiet town, near the ocean. I live with my parents, my brother and sister. My father is 45 years old and he is a salesman. My mother is 48 and she is artisan. My brother is 20 and he works at the register office and my sister is 11. My family is very important for me and they always support me and everything I am nowadays was because they taught me.

I consider myself a calm person, patient, easy going, friendly, flexible, honest, responsible and I fit easily in new situations. By the way, I think that new situations in our lives are essential for there to be personal development. I don't drink and I don't smoke, and I am not a party girl. I like a lot being in a familiar ambient and to do familiar programs too.

Currently I have only studied. I am studying Hospitality Management at a college located in Santos, a town near mine. Actually, I started the college in São Paulo, where I lived for one year and a half alone. But I had to come back to my hometown. When I lived alone in São Paulo it was a great experience and I learned many things about myself and it made me more independent.

About my daily routine, during the week I am committed to studies and college, and with household duties. In my free time I like to do many activities like going to the beach, traveling, hiking, camping with my friends or my family or just staying at home reading or watching a good movie. I am Seventh Day Adventist, so on Saturdays I often go to church. On some Sundays I take care of my cousin who is 10 years old and comes to my house to spend her time with us.

I chose the au pair program, because it will give improvement in my English’s skill and knowledge of another culture and these are very important for my future profession. And, of course, I like a lot working with children and I have a good time with them. I always had opportunities to take care of them because I am oldest daughter and oldest cousin, so I always take care of my little sister and cousins. I did an internship in a kindergarten in 2009, for seven months and I took care of children from 6 to 18 months. I also took care of two children, Luiz Felipe, who is 8 and Ana Carolina, who is 9 months, nowadays. I have experience with children from 6 months to 15 years old. The activities I like to do with them is play in the park, ride a bicycle, painting, doing crafts, reading for them, play some sports and activities that develop the logical and physical skills.

During the program, I hope to learn much about your culture and I can teach my own. I believe I can teach your kids something and I also learn from them. I expect to be their a big sister and soon to be considered as a family member. I am sure it will be a great experience in my life.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Talita Astolpho Leite

4 comentários:

  1. Uauaua ficou muito boa sua carta... congrats... eu segui mais ou menos o mesmo modelo tb qdo eu fiz a minha... bjos e good luck!!!

  2. nassa Talita sua carta ta mara gostei mesmo!!!
    Bejos boa Sorte!

  3. Oie!!

    Passando por aqui e vou logo te add, blz?!
    tô te seguindo!!

    Adorei sua carta! Uma gracinha.

    Boa sorte no processo!!


  4. ownnnn q orgulho de vc!!!
    na boa, te prepara pq eu cheguei aki no CAN e kuase chorei pq nao entendia NADA q os fdp falavammmmm, cara, eh completamente diferente das aulas, mas veja soh, estou aki ha 3 semanas e ja converso com os chineses e arabes, com o lindo sotake q eles tem! kkkkk kero so ver os posts d qdo vc chegar la e nao entender o taxista q vai te levar pra sua host house kkkkk isso aconteceu cmg tragico se nao fosse comico!!
    (dedinhos cruzados pra vc!!) bjjjss